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Generally, I don't think cars and guns mix very well, but the owners of this Brookville, OH used car dealership seem to differ. They're offering a voucher for a free handgun and concealed-carry course for anyone who spends $4995 or more at their lot. I guess that's better than a big inflatable gorilla?


The owner, Jerry Kilgore, helpfully clarifies the policy:

"It's not like we're stockpiling guns in the back and handing them out."

... which is, of course good news. And, despite the common stereotypes of extreme gun-enthusiasts, Kilgore is quite open and understanding about the policy, offering an equal-value voucher to a store that sells camping and outdoor gear.


Kilgore elaborates:

"Not everyone is going to get this and not everyone is going to like this. As long as they do it with understanding, that's OK. I still respect that opinion. I think we should all just be kind to each other."

Which, of course is good advice.

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