What Is The Goofiest Auto Dealer Sales Gimmick Ever?

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Getting you to actually go out an buy a new car is really quite tricky, what with cars costing all that money and everyone hating the process and all. So car dealers tend to resort to using some outlandish methods to get people in and car-buying. What are some of the goofiest ways they do it?


I think my favorite is the use of the Giant Inflatable Gorilla. I like it because nothing says "it's time to make a considered decision evaluating practicality, finances, and desire" than a colossal bouncy ape, preferably wearing sunglasses.


In fact, I consult an inflatable primate for all my major life choices. My inflatable gibbon is as we speak looking into how I'm going to plan a retirement with the little extra money I have that I won't spend on cars.

I pity that poor blow-up monkey.

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