It turns out the folks who normally do this post for me while I'm getting primped and my hair put in curlers when I've got a TV appearance apparently belong to one of the UAW locals who've gone on strike. Thus, I'm forced today to write this myself. I'll be on CNBC tonight at the top of the 7:00 EST hour to go On The Money with Melissa Francis on today's big news story. No, not Halo 3. The other big news story — the UAW strike against General Motors. And it looks like if the above name drop from CNBC's any indication, maybe Melissa will finally agree that a strike's a possibility. Not like I'll be saying "I told you so." Now, while I rush to figure out how to put on an IFB device on my own, you can get off the picket line and do your job — come up with some rules to tonight's drinking game. As always, if you're confused — please take a look through our past drinking rounds.


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