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Nun Ticketed For Doing 112 MPH En Route To Pope

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

Italy, the land of speeding red sports cars and equally fast women, found an interesting mix of the two last week when a 56-year-old nun was ticketed for 112 MPH in her holier-than-thou Ford Fiesta.

While traffic police are used to all kinds of colorful excuses explaining the need for speed, this particular traffic stop proved to be a very, if not most, interesting one. Her excuse for the mad 112 MPH scramble was that she, and two other nuns, were on their way to see Pope Benedict after an announcement that he would hold a blessing on Sunday following his arm-breaking fall in Aosta, Italy during his summer vacation.


The police chose not to side with the Lord and instead ticketed the nun with a $533 (USD) fine and a one month license suspension. Not one to just lay down and take it, the nun in question has decided to fight the ticket with recently famous religious lawyer Anna Orecchioni. We wish the nun all the luck in the world fighting her case, but at 30 MPH over the speed limit, we think she might need more than a prayer. [via] (Image via TheCarFanatic)