Now You Can Play Hungry, Hungry Clarksons

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You may recall that Top Gear's current scandal has to do with Jeremy Clarkson's intense hunger. One might say he's hungry hungry. Not unlike certain hippos I've encountered. Thankfully, people have recognized this synergy and produced a kit to adapt your Hungry Hungry Hippos game to Hungry Hungry Clarksons. Finally!

The Clarkson heads, ready to snap on and replace those old, outdated hippo heads, are 3D files ready to be printed on your local 3D printer and were developed by 3D printing company CEL Robot. The heads are actually a pretty decent likeness, and they seem to work great with the original set, provided you have the right color-matching plastic handy.


It's nice they retained the original jaw-opening mechanism, but it is a little weird that he's now eating with his neck, Whatever, this technology is still in its infancy, and it's amazing we can do this at all, really.

Personally, I'm going to carve my Clarkson heads by hand out of the finest Tarquanian Marble, but that's me. I have very high standards for things like this.

(Thanks, George!)

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Given the current situation, Rock-em-Sock-em-Jezza's would have been more appropriate