According to the admittedly not 100% reliable source the Mirror, the Top Gear producer who was attacked by a wild Jeremy Clarkson is 36 year old Oisin Tymon. Tymon has been an assistant producer on Top Gear since 2008, and the recent incident of talent-on-producer violence was caused by a late dinner. Really, Clarkson? A late dinner?


Again, at this point all of this is alleged, but a few basic facts are being reported on a number of sites: the punching victim was Assistant Producer Oisin Tymon, and the Clarkson decided to punch him because his dinner was late. According to the Mirror:

It is claimed the host, 54, saw red with Tymon, 36, for not getting him dinner in time after filming for the BBC show in Newcastle.

A source said: "Jeremy saw red over a catering issue. He just snapped."

Now, I get that after a long day of shooting and mucking about with cars one's likely to be tired and hungry, especially a fairly substantial fellow like Jeremy Clarkson. But basic human dignity says you don't punch some poor bastard doing his job to feed your ass over a "catering issue."


Unless that "catering issue" involves substituting your Gardenburger with a steaming dog turd on a gluten-free whole-grain bun, there's absolutely no catering-related reason anyone as pampered as Jeremy Clarkson should strike anyone. Period.

If this all proves to be true then, no matter how much I enjoy watching the big lug on TV, I have to say, come on, man. Stop being such a ridiculous, colossal toddler. If Clarkson has any dignity at all he'll make it up to this guy doing his job in some magnanimous, personal way.

If Clarkson is really smart, he can parlay this into a lucrative Snickers ad or something.

So, he may have punched a guy because his food was late. Ridiculous, if this proves accurate. Is there more to this than we're getting now? We'll keep you updated.

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