No (Word Redacted Due To DMCA Violation)! Chrysler PR Man Responds To Gag Ads

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The PR chief for the 'merican side of the German-American hybrid, Jason "Main Man" Vines, was kind enough to inform us that he's called off the dogs of war (or legal action, depending on how you look at it) on the 'ol Jalopnik after we posted some "gag" versions of some web ads the Chrysler Group's running. Here's the skinny, straight from the Vinesian mouth:

Hi guys! Those gag ads we asked YouTube to pull down were not sent with any approval on our end. They were part of an outtakes reel for the real gag ads. Somehow, somebody with access to the outtakes decided it would be very cool to put the profane ads on the web. This, of course, gave me a bit of heartburn when I opened up my email after returning from the LA Auto Show. Actually, I believe I used more profanity in my initial reaction than was included in the outtakes ads. My assistant Sandy is desperately looking for a bar of soap as we speak. Anyway, that's the story. As far as we are concerned, the issue is dead, not unlike my career. We even called off our lawyers. Gotta go, Sandy is here with the Lava.

Jason Vines
Chrysler Group

Oh Jason, let's hope you don't mean the lava from that dreadful Nitro ad and instead you mean Lava-brand soap. We knew we'd find a way to tie Joe into all of this.


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What, doesn't everyone get a phone call from Vines when they ask a question at Ask Dr. Z?