Chrysler Wields The Heavy Hand Of The DMCA, Hits Self

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Apparently the folks at the 'merican side of the German-American hybrid were pretty upset we liberated those "gag" commercials from the bureaucracy of Auburn Hills a while back. They've gone so far as to head on over to YouTube like a petulant child asking them "Mommy, make Jalopnik stop running leaks they get from the Tech Center!" and just like that YouTube's gone and slapped us with a little DMCA violation for the content — and poof, the funny little ads that have done more to help make the 'merican side look like a spunky li'l automaker willing to take chances than anything real they've done in years, they're gone. Why do we somehow think "Mean" Joe Eberhardt had something to do with this? Curse you Joe, curse you and your stuck-in-the-mud ways. Hey, but that's ok — someone else has gone and uploaded both vids for us. Thank you, whoever you are, JalopnikHeartsJoe! Full attempted censorship DMCA violation complaint after the jump.


Dear Member:

This is to notify you that we have removed or disabled access to the following material as a result of a third-party notification by DaimlerChrysler claiming that this material is infringing:

Folgers Switch - Jeep Commander - GAG VERSION!:

Please Note: Repeat incidents of copyright infringement will result in the deletion of your account and all videos uploaded to that account. In order to avoid future strikes against your account, please delete any videos to which you do not own the rights, and refrain from uploading additional videos that infringe on the copyrights of others. For more information about YouTube's copyright policy, please read the Copyright Tips guide.

If you elect to send us a counter notice, to be effective it must be a written communication provided to our designated agent that includes substantially the following (please consult your legal counsel or see 17 U.S.C. Section 512(g)(3) to confirm these requirements):

1. A physical or electronic signature of the subscriber.
2. Identification of the material that has been removed or to which access has been disabled and the location at which the material appeared before it was removed or access to it was disabled.
3. A statement under penalty of perjury that the subscriber has a good faith belief that the material was removed or disabled as a result of mistake or misidentification of the material to be removed or disabled.
4. The subscriber's name, address, and telephone number, and a statement that the subscriber consents to the jurisdiction of Federal District Court for the judicial district in which the address is located, or if the subscriberis address is outside of the United States, for any judicial district in which the service provider may be found, and that the subscriber will accept service of process from the person who provided notification under subsection (c)(1)(C) or an agent of such person.

Such written notice should be sent to our designated agent as follows:

DMCA Complaints
YouTube, Inc.
1000 Cherry Ave.
Second Floor
San Bruno, CA 94066

Please note that under Section 512(f) of the Copyright Act, any person who knowingly materially misrepresents that material or activity was removed or disabled by mistake or misidentification may be subject to liability.

YouTube, Inc.

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If I had to bet, I bet that they're just mad that they got out. The commercials themselves are GREAT, and are the kind of thing that the companies should strive for.

BTW D/C, my mom LOVES the 300C. ;-)