The Post Whereby We Welcome The Detroit News To The "Time To Go, Joe" Bandwagon

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We've been concerned about the efficacy of Joe "Mad Dog" Eberhardt's sales and marketing strategy for the 'merican side of the German-American hybrid for some time now. And it would appear, after reading Josee Valcourt's latest report from the world of Auburn Hills, we can now count the D-town bastion of auto insider-dom, the Detroit News, as the newest member to the team. As you'd expect, Josee's piece reads much like our commentary from a few weeks ago. Now of course you know we'd never say anything snarky or sarcastic — nor would we ever gloat about being first with the story. Instead, we'd just like to welcome the Detroit News aboard and remind them that we were here before there was a bandwagon, so you know, we'll keep shotgun, thank you very much. Oh, and about that banging noise you hear, it's just Sweet Peet in the trunk — don't worry, his bark's worse than his bite.


Chrysler's Joe Eberhardt becomes man in the hot seat [Detroit News]

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