Illustration for article titled No Parking Anytime: Ex-Congressman Fills Teens Car With Bullet Holes

Teenagers be warned, if you attempt to park near ex-Congressman Craig Washington's law office your ass is grass. A pair of unlucky high school students learned this the hard way as they were (or so they claim) looking for a parking spot and ended up with a few bullet holes in their Camaro. For those not lucky enough to have spent most of their life in Houston, we'd like to mention that it's safe to assume every other person is carrying at least one concealed weapon.


Parking in the area can be a bit tough as there are a few clubs in the area, as well as the bus station, but not an incredible amount of street parking if an event is going on. That being said, it's not the most dangerous part of Houston either and we're a bit curious why someone felt the need to open fire on a couple of kids unless they provoked him. [KVUE]

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