Screenshot from Harry’s Garage

Just listen not even to just the engine note of this little 1960s Alfa Romeo. Listen to the entire satisfying process of getting into the car and turning it on.

I have been in and out of just about every major carmaker’s performance and luxury car on the market in recent years. None of them have the directness or communication even in how the metal-on-metal door latches and seat creaks and vrrrrhmmmm start as this little 1750-engine’d Alfa Spider burps into life.

Skip ahead to 7:30 in this Harry’s Garage video if the link above doesn’t jump there for you.


Of course, part of the wonder of the sound is that this Alfa Romeo actually turned on, rather than just whirred for a while in the garage. But hey, it’s the little joys that power us.

Raphael Orlove is features editor for Jalopnik.

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