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Charles Morgan Shows How A Tiny '60s Alfa Romeo Beats Modern Porsches At The 'Ring

FACTS: The Alfa Romeo Giulia Sprint is pretty much the most perfect car ever built, and Charles Morgan should get his own TV show, preferably on Channel 4 instead of BBC Two.


Carfection (formally XCAR) did the right thing by asking former Morgan boss Charles Morgan for his take on classic cars. His taste is exquisite. What’s a Giulia Sprint GTA? It a stunning lightweight body designed by the then 17-year old Giorgetto Giugiaro at Bertone, powered by one of Alfa Romeo’s many great engines: the 2.0 DOHC four-cylinder. But in this case, it only gets better.


I can relate to this, because today, I just got a phone call from my friends at Budapest’s Alfarium, informing me that the 1.0 four-cylinder is out of my Autobianchi A112. Their place is always packed with old Alfas, and the cars usually leave with more power than they came in with, be that the result of a full on restoration or a cleverly tuned engine. Usually, they need both.

But if you live across the pond, I suggest checking out what the Alfaholics, Maxim and Andrew Banks are up to. Their GTA-R 270 is a prime example of the kind of the high-end stuff they do. With carbon fiber panels all around, a fuel-injected engine, better suspension and a weight of 1,829 pounds against 240 horses, it’s exactly what the famous Autodelta team would cook up using today’s technologies.

Charles Morgan has more on Carfection:

Modern Porsches might have air conditioning, but they doesn’t possess the looks and agility of these beautiful red touring cars. And when one of these pops up in your mirror, it can stay there too—until it passes you.


Photo credit: Carfection


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Brad Landers

Ok, so this is tangential to the point, but Carfection.




Maybe something happened behind the scenes that we don’t know about, but I cannot fathom the process that resulted in going from the clean & modern aesthetic of the XCAR brand to the pseudo-vintage, gimmicky-named brand that Carfection is shaping up to be.