Watch Charles Morgan (Yes, That Morgan) Drive Possibly The Greatest Porsche Ever Made

When ex-Morgan boss Charles Morgan drives through the Lake District in a 993 GT2 to talk about poetry, we have to tune in for eight minutes of perfection.

The only bad thing about the 993 GT2 is that you can’t afford one anymore. Not even if it’s just a replica based on the normal Turbo. The market went crazy for these things because they are highly likely to be the best Porsches ever built. As Charles Morgan explains, the original GT2s are essentially Group B Porsche 959s without the complicated all-wheel drive and suspension, wrapped in the lightest body they could come up with.


While Toni Hatter’s design also makes them the wildest looking 911s out there, it’s amazing that the GT2 still retained the windshield of the original car from 1964.

Driving one on the wet roads of the Lake District is a ballsy move, but I guess Charles Morgan knows a thing or two about rear-wheel drive sports cars.

What a great addition to the Carfection team, and what a car!

This one is no Beetle.


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I could really go without the windshield decal (even though it’s weirdly featured in this film) - if you can’t tell this is a Porsche from the front then that’s your problem.

Also, this struck me: “Ergonomically it’s a bit of a disaster, isn’t it?”, says the man who ran Morgan.