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Nissan Middle East has just put a new Nissan GT-R on the market. Officially called the VVIP edition, it has a custom sound system, a leather cabin, and gold trim. We'll call it the GT-R Brougham d'Elegance.


To be fair, $266,000 (Dh977,000) is how much the GT-R VVIP costs with all its Dh150,000 in options. You could saunter into a Dubai dealership and walk out with one of these 550 horsepower luxury supercar slayers only $225,000 poorer. That's how much the previous Gold-plated VVIP cost.


For that you get the finest in 1970s luxury, with a specially-tuned Bose sound system, 24-karat gold trim, and German leather trimmed according to Japanese tradition and available in 12 different color combinations. The drivetrain is stock 2012 GT-R. Carbon brakes and a titanium muffler remain on the options list.

You can get a look at the interior trimmings of last year's VVIP edition in stunning cocaine white at wheels magazine.

(Hat tip to Dejan)_

Photo Credit: wheels magazine

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