Nice Price Or Crack Pipe: Supercharged, 500-Horsepower BMW 540i For $35,000?

Nice Price Or Crack PipeIs this used car a good deal? You decide!

We had our second straight Crack Pipe vote yesterday, with the evil supercharged Chevelle wagon getting a 44% Nice Price vote. Today we're going to stick with the supercharging theme, but in a pricier package.


The 2001 BMW 540i was quite the factory hot rod, with a 32-valve V8 making 282 horsepower. The price tag was about 52 grand back then ($62,000 in '09 bucks), so $35,000 for an example that's had the full Dinan supercharger/suspension/brake treatment could be totally reasonable… or not. This one looks to be in nice shape, although we prefer an exact odometer reading to the vague "low miles" statement made by the seller. It's even covered by a factory warranty until 2010. 500 horsepower in a 3,800-pound car sure would be fun, eh? Nice price or Booth Number Two?

[Craigslist Phoenix, go here if the ad disappears]


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