Nice Price Or Crack Pipe: Evil, Primered, Weiand-Blown '72 Chevelle Wagon For $7,000?

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The 70-mile Chevy Vega broke the streak of Nice Price verdicts, with only 38% of voters viewing $13,500 as a reasonable amount to pay. For today, we're lowering the price tag… and upping the boost!

Station wagons are cool. Primer paint on a station wagon is also cool. And we probably don't need to point this out, but a Roots supercharger on a primered station wagon is so cool that it's hard to even contemplate without feeling totally inadequate for driving a (insert name of your car here, unless it's a blown, primered station wagon). OK, so that's settled- now we just need to start talking about price. This 1972 Chevrolet Chevelle wagon has a low-profile Weiand blower on a 350 (yeah, it's not a Rat Fink-grade 6-71, but we still approve), Torq-Thrust-esque wheels, recent suspension rebuild, a bench seat, and a paint job that looks- and probably feels- like the skin of a whale shark. On the minus side, it still has the original one-legger non-posi rear end, the upholstery is shot, the weatherstripping is bad, and there's no manual transmission. Now, for a 1970 Chrysler Town & Country woody wagon with a blown 440 and a 4-speed, 7 grand would be the steal of the century… but we're not so sure the same could be said about this Chevelle? What do you say?
[Craigslist San Diego, go here if the ad disappears]