New Jersey Police Arrest Driver Unaware She Had A Transit Sign 'Impaled' Through Her Lexus' Sunroof

Photo: AP

What you see above is a Lexus with a New Jersey transit sign jutting out of its sunroof. The reason this happened, police say, is because the driver of the Lexus struck a pole in the City of Secaucus, and just kept going. When police caught up to the driver and arrested her, she’d traveled several miles, apparently unaware of the sign protruding out of her car.


The 52-year-old women driving the Lexus was pulled over Saturday on Route 46 in South Hackensack, New Jersey, reports the Associated Press.

The woman, police said, seemingly had no idea the sign was there. Capt. Robert Kaiser of the South Hackensack police department said she drove for several miles “with the NJ Transit sign impaled through the sun roof of her Lexus.”


Here’s more from the Daily Voice in New Jersey:

Vasquez failed a field sobriety test and was brought to headquarters, where police processed her on DWI and careless driving charges before releasing her to a responsible adult pending a court hearing, the captain said.

“Thankfully no one was in the backseat of the vehicle or this could have been a different situation,” Kaiser said.


No injuries were reported. Don’t drive drunk.

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