Man Miraculously Survives Giant Hunk Of Scrap Metal Crushing His Car On Highway

Photos credit: California Highway Patrol

Sometimes you look at pictures or video of a car crash and you just have to assume the worst, but despite what it looks like, a man miraculously survived after a truck carrying scrap metal overturned and dropped a huge chunk of metal on his head.

This horrifying crash occurred in Florida when a truck carrying a bunch of scrap metal lost control, hit a guardrail, and then overturned, dumping tons of heavy scrap metal into the street below and striking a van exiting the highway, according to ABC News.


Despite the giant hunk of metal hitting the driver’s side of the van Final Destination style, the driver managed to get away somehow with only minor injuries.

The driver of the overturned truck was also treated for minor injuries and was ticketed for careless driving. This whole situation is one of my worst irrational fears when I see these trucks carrying massive loads on the road. Everyone got really, really lucky this time.

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