New Ford S-Max In Arizona Reminds Us We Want An S-Max

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Minivans used to be the universal signifier that you’d given up on life beyond shoveling food into the mouths of your children. But that’s all changed and we want a Ford S-Max. Here’s a new one in America.

We got these images from a tipster in Arizona, and camo keeps us from learning anything terribly important about the new car. It looks just about identical to the current-gen Galaxy, only with some camo and a big hood bulge.

The size looks right for an S-Max though, and we can tell there’s some weirdness going on under the skin, given the surprisingly-cool fender flares.


It does remind us that we want this car in America. Crossovers now hold the title of Most Boring Vehicles On The Road, leaving minivans to become drift cars and serve as surprisingly value-filled family cars. If you see a black on black Grand Caravan tooling through Downtown Manhattan, you can’t help but think that somebody cool is inside.

Ford’s sporty midsize minivan is looking pretty good right now. There’s more to life than never-going-offroad Escapes and CR-Vs.


(Hat tip to Mark!)