The Ford S-Max Concept Was Inspired By A Furniture Show

This is the new Ford S-Max concept, which will debut at the Frankfurt Auto Show and previews the styling for the next generation of production S-Max. More important is where Ford got its inspiration for the interior design. » 8/28/13 9:47am 8/28/13 9:47am

New Ford S-Max In Arizona Reminds Us We Want An S-Max

Minivans used to be the universal signifier that you’d given up on life beyond shoveling food into the mouths of your children. But that’s all changed and we want a Ford S-Max. Here’s a new one in America. » 3/13/13 2:36pm 3/13/13 2:36pm

Ford To Build Euro Models Stateside, Reports Wall Street Journal

A Saturday Wall Street Journal report claims Ford is working up plans to retool its North American assembly plants to build a number of European models. Ford hasn't confirmed the report, but it is expected to announce the shift during its second-quarter earnings conference on Thursday. While the paper mentions only… » 7/21/08 10:40am 7/21/08 10:40am

Ford Mondeo and S-Max Get New Diesel, Titanium S Option, American Lust…

If you haven't noticed, it's Kinetic Design Friday. We've got your Ford Fiesta, your Ford Kuga, and now your S-Max and Mondeo. The biggest news is the new 2.2-liter four-cylinder TDCi Duratorq diesel engine for the Mondeo, S-Max and Galaxy. This advanced diesel features the third generation common rail and turbo… » 2/15/08 10:45am 2/15/08 10:45am

Ford S-Max Spotted on the Mean Steets of Detroit

After being berated for the crappy quality of my pictures here, and here, and many other times, I've decided to upgrade to a Lumix FZ18 from the three year old Exilim that had horrible fading, limited dynamic range, and no optical zoom. The ironic part is that though this new piece of kit takes gorgeous pictures, the… » 12/03/07 9:30am 12/03/07 9:30am