Nevada Highway Patrol Will Help Whoever Drove Their Car Onto A Rock After A Concert Get It Back

Hey! Did any of you go to the Electric Daisy Carnival the other night? It was at Las Vegas Motor Speedway, if that helps? Did you go with a car, but come back without one? Did you maybe, somehow, manage to park your car on a rock? If so, the Nevada Highway Patrol wants to help.


The car looks like a 2015 Volkswagen Jetta, and I have to admit, I’m a little impressed with how effectively this thing is stuck. Like, this seems that it took some real effort. The back end is a good couple feet off the ground, and that nice, oblong slab of rock seems to be really wedged up under there. That’s some mighty fine rockjamming, right there.

I guess the driver must have not seen the rock, and drove over it with enough speed to get the front wheels over it before the rock high-bottomed the car there? Amazing.

If no one claims the car, the NHP does have a solution, as well, as they mentioned in the comments on the tweet:


Whoever’s car this is should probably get a Jeep anyway.

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