Mystery Lamborghini Thrills And Excites The Very Core Of Our Being

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Lamborghinis are all the same. Fast. Loud. Also quite fast. Or are they?

What makes the Nürburgring the most daunting track in the world for us normal private citizens makes it the ideal track for car companies to hone new vehicles’ dynamics. Suspension, steering, that stuff.

No mystery then that this Lamborghini is out testing here, or that someone was around with a camera to spot it.

The mystery lies deeper. No. Less deep. Shallower.

The car. Shrouded. Disguised. Hidden in plain sight.

An Aventador, sure. But what? A facelift for the future? A higher performance model? A development mule for some destined-to-be nextcar, of even greater proportion and wonder? What if...could it be...perhaps this may not even be a Lamborghini? A secret prototype from an unknown carmaker? What if it is not a car at all? What if the subject of its testing procedure is simply a system in the car’s electronic brain? Or maybe there is a simpler mechanical device within the car that we can’t see, like a hybrid drive or a rear-wheel drive system in development?


It is a glimpse into a future not yet firm. It is a year to come not yet realized. In a way, it is the present. We do not know if what is being worked on in this test car will ever be brought into production. This could be a dead end. This is possibility.

Could this be now, indeed, a moment of greater reflection? What is it in this Lamborghini that we seek? What are we looking for? Some V12 hope in our current current of electrification? Is this Lamborghini test mule something more; a rock to cling to in a storm of change, sweeping away the cars we once knew and held dear and now seem ever more regulated and distant? I hear the tires scream! The scream is my own! I fear death! I fear what I know dying! Into the Green Hell I stare, the void, the abyss, I see only my own eyes staring back at me, cold! What if this Lamborghini is a specter? Rot and misery? Is it a future I will never reach?

Nah, it’s probably just a facelifted Aventador. Whatever. It still sounds cool.

Raphael Orlove is features editor for Jalopnik.

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Pretty sure thats a development mule for the new chevy cruz. Or maybe f150.