Mustang Driver Arrested After Doing Donuts On Bay Bridge

This weekend finally saw a moment of harmony between Mustang and Camaro drivers, when two ‘Stangs and a ‘Maro shut down traffic on San Francisco’s Bay Bridge to do donuts. They were almost immediately snitched on and arrested.


The three pony cars started weaving through traffic yesterday afternoon and successfully stopped traffic on the Bay Bridge around 3:30 p.m. for a few celebratory donuts, which local NBC News declared a sideshow.

I personally think a donut or two with no spectators is a little much to call a sideshow, but I’m no expert.

In any case, a regular ordinary driver stuck in the ensuing traffic called the cops, tailed the drivers, and let the highway patrol know where they were. It didn’t take long. The CHP caught the drivers at the end of the bridge, as the LA Times reports:

Actually we stopped them right in front of the CHP office,” [CHP officer Vu] Williams said, chuckling.

Only one driver was arrested (presumably the Mustang seen in the Instagram video above) and his car was impounded, while another driver merely got a citation, NBC reports.

I’m mostly surprised the Mustang didn’t hit anything.

Raphael Orlove is features editor for Jalopnik.


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