Mustang Crashes Into Semi Truck in Near Cinematic 360-Degree Spin

There are things you can see with your own eyes and still not believe, like when a fourth-generation Toyota Supra sells for nearly $200,000, or—well, you get the point. This Ford Mustang doing a near cinematic spin in front of a semi in Florida, then driving away like nothing happened, is one of those things.


NBC Miami reports that this wreck happened Sunday morning on Interstate 95 near the city of Miami Gardens, when semi driver Ignacio Roman was heading to the Port of Miami for a delivery. A Mustang came almost out of nowhere on the left side of his dash cam, did a 360-degree spin in front of the semi, then straightened out and continued on—damage and all—like it didn’t happen.

Roman told NBC Miami he had to move to the right to avoid a worse crash with the Mustang, but it didn’t save his truck from harm. A video interview with NBC Miami showed damage to the front of the driver’s side of the semi, and the dash-cam video showed that the Mustang got beat up as well.

Roman told NBC Miami he hopes the Florida Highway Patrol can find the driver, since he thinks the wreck might have collected more people and could have been fatal if it happened on another day of the week. From the story:

“It’s an unpredictable situation,” Roman said. “You get nervous, but that’s when you have to react quickly. And because of instinct and my experience on the road, I was able to at least save their lives.” [...]

“If anyone saw the crash, please report it to the police,” he said. “Mainly because there shouldn’t be irresponsible people on the street.”

There are plenty of life lessons we could get out of this one, such as: If you’re going to do something irresponsible, at least let it be an action that doesn’t put others at risk of harm, or worse—like spending nearly $200,000 on a 25-year-old car, for example.

Sure, no one will be able to grasp the logic behind it, but at least they won’t get physically hurt in the process.



Subaru wore it better: