It’s unclear where and when this took place, though it seems be somewhere down south, possibly Louisiana or Mississippi, as the guy running the show says that one car is from New Orleans while the other is from Mississippi. (That guy’s also wearing a bag with the New Orleans Saints logo on it.)

What happens to the driver from Mississippi is absolutely terrifying, as he loses control of his car about 50 feet in and it careens into the pole. He’s then seen climbing out of the car and lying on the ground, alive but extremely shaken up. Neither driver appears to have been wearing a helmet, and the crashed Mustang also didn’t have a roll cage.


Street racing is inherently stupid, so I’m not particularly surprised that this guy ran without even basic safety equipment. I’m happy this guy’s alive, though I hope his takeaway is ‘stop street racing’ and not just ‘buy a helmet.’

He’s also lucky there was no one else around. Too many people are killed in street racing accidents every year (179 were killed in Los Angeles alone in the past 17 years, the Los Angeles Times has concluded), mostly pedestrians, passengers, and other drivers. Ugh.