Somebody Just Paid $173,600 for This Stock 1994 Toyota Supra

Photo: Tim Scott (Sotheby’s)

I don’t have the energy to be incredulous anymore, fam. But if I did, I’d be wide-eye head-shaking all over the place after hearing that a 1994 Toyota Supra sold for an ungodly sum of $173,600 at this weekend’s Amelia Island car auction.

At first I wasn’t sure if that outrageous sale price was real; I saw it reported on one Instagram page and nowhere else. But Sotheby’s director of public relations has confirmed to me that, indeed, this 1994 Toyota Supra turbo targa manual with black paint and a tan interior, and 11,200 miles on its odometer, sold Friday for $173,600 including a buyer’s premium.



Seems like just a couple months ago we were freaking out over one selling for a record-setting $121,000. Oh wait, that did also happen. And that record’s now been smashed.

RM Sotheby’s expected to sell the Supra for between $100,000 and $120,000, probably largely based on that red one I just mentioned, and so I’m sure the seller is very happy today. The lot listing didn’t go into immense detail about this weekend’s sale car in particular, but here’s what Sotheby’s did share:

“According to the accompanying CARFAX report, this Supra Twin Turbo Targa was sold new in Illinois and remained there for at least two years, accumulating nearly 6,000 miles. It was subsequently imported to Switzerland approximately one year ago. Presently, the odometer is currently showing 11,200 miles, which is believed original. It remains in brilliant and largely original condition throughout.”


I still really love MKIV Toyota Supras, maybe even more than the average car enthusiast, but I think this is absolutely bonkers. That’s. So. Much. Money.

I guess my assessment that this green MKIV was the “perfect Supra” to set values with its $58,000 price tag was way off. Or, actually, maybe everybody else is just nuts.


The green (or red) does look better, though. The fact that I’m not a huge fan of black paint on cars is probably one of my least popular automotive opinions, but it is what it is.

Regardless of how you feel about the price, or color, there is no doubt that this $173,600 Supra is as minty as my toothpaste.


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