The Toyota Supra Has Gone Too Far

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Screenshot: Bring a Trailer (Twitter)

Yesterday, my esteemed colleague Erik Shilling wrote up a very, very clean 1994 Toyota Supra for sale on Bring a Trailer. At the time of his writing, it was holding at $90,000. The auction just ended a few minutes ago with the final selling bid of $121,000. Christ.


Look, I understand the draw of a clean, used car as much as anybody else. I even get the appeal of a Supra. It’s an awesome, superhero tuner car from the ‘90s. But over 100 grand for one? Even one with just 7,111 miles on the clock? Get out.

That would probably make this Supra this most expensive Supra ever sold in the used market, if you don’t consider the movie prop from The Fast and the Furious. Apparently, fanaticism for the Supra has reached this fever point. Will the bubble burst? Do any of the car bubbles burst? I don’t know, but I do know that this is far too much for a Supra.

I am tired now.


Andrew P. Collins

Objectively, of course it’s a Bad Deal. You could buy a lot more performance and technology for $121,000.

But if you’re spending six figures on a car... you’re not making an economically efficient decision anyway. I’d rather have a ’94 Supra than a brand-new Range Rover Sport SVR, or even a lightly equipped new Porsche 911. To me, this is simply cooler. I freak out every time I see a MKIV Supra in the wild.