Here's What A Perfect Toyota Supra Is Worth

(Image Credits: Bring A Trailer)
(Image Credits: Bring A Trailer)

An auction just ended for a twin-turbo (come to papa) six-speed manual (mmm) targa-roof (aw yea) essentially stock (unnnf) mint-condition 60,000 mile 1997 Toyota Supra ([panting]) in freaking factory green-on-tan and some lucky bastard now owns it for about $1 per mile on the odometer.


The most complete and correct iteration I’ve ever seen of this legendary Japanese sports car sold for $58,000 on Bring A Trailer auction Friday, and I sure hope whoever picked it up plans to cherish it exactly as-is because anything else would be a damn shame.

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1997 being the best year for the Supra, having received the car’s final aesthetic update, and the turbo-manual-targa being the most desirable configuration, and dark green being the best color in Toyota’s OEM pallet of the era, this is indeed the ultimate fourth-gen (“MKIV”) as far as I’m concerned.

Green is so ridiculously underrated as a sports car color. It’s not just for Jags and old Astons, guys. This low-key tone is a very groovy alternative to blue if you want to stand out without being loud.

Anyway, Bring A Trailer’s ad here says that the last custodian of the car went through it and un-did some modifications, which was for sure the right move. Finding one of these cars in clean condition is so difficult at this point, that it’s way more interesting to see a stock one than another tuner project.

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I wouldn’t want to own this, because I’d get anxious just driving it into traffic and risking it being damaged. But I’m very glad that it exists. Hopefully the new owner will trot it out to car meets once in a while so the rest of us can enjoy this rare beast.

You may now make your comment disparaging my color preference and try to convince me that the non-targa variant was better.

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