Morley Safer Recorded The Greatest Lamborghini Documentary Ever Shot

Screencap via CBS
Screencap via CBS

CBS news legend and 60 Minutes star Morley Safer died today at age 84, only a week after he retired from the show, reports USA Today. Safer filed more than 900 reports in his 46 years as 60 Minutes’ longest-running correspondent, one of which was this delightful visit to the Lamborghini factory in Italy.

Safer was a lifetime journalist, starting in print and eventually jumping into television news with the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation. His assignments took him around Europe and Africa, and he was the only Western journalist on site in East Berlin in 1961 when East Germany started construction of the Berlin Wall, per USA Today’s obituary. In 1964, he joined CBS, eventually serving as a war correspondent during the Vietnam War.


As such, Safer approached the subject of one of the most amazing Italian supercars—the Lamborghini Countach—with the same amount of respect and vigor as any of his other assignments.

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Peter Leung

Morley was a car guy too. From his obituary on CBS News:

He also had a special affinity for cars and did 60 Minutes segments on England’s Rolls Royce and Italy’s legendary Lamborghini. He owned a silver 1985 Ferrari convertible, which he had raced occasionally and also owned a Bentley when he lived in London, bought with his winnings from a card game.

He definitely knew how to live life to the fullest. RIP.