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Mitsubishi Makes A $373 Toaster For Extreme Bread Enthusiasts

Illustration for article titled Mitsubishi Makes A $373 Toaster For Extreme Bread Enthusiasts
Screenshot: Unbox Therapy (YouTube)

The 2020 lineup of Mitsubishi Motors’ cars is not uh, designed for connoisseurs of the automobile, per se. But apparently Mitsubishi Electric has a very different market when it comes to kitchen appliances. In fact, it appears that it offers the supercar of toasters.


Just to be clear: Mitsubishi Motors and Mitsubishi Electric are not the same company, but they kind of are. They’re related and entangled but it’s not like the same employees are designing cars one day and toasters the next. Still! I’m enthusiastic about old-school Mitsubishi cars and woodgrain in general so when a friend of mine posted this in a Montero Facebook group I felt enough of a connection to share with the class. As in: All of you.

Also, this Unbox Therapy video is great and makes it seem like Mitsubishi’s TO-ST1-T toaster is the bomb-diggity. (Got to use period-correct slang when looking at the pseudo-retro styling of that woodgrain’d toaster.)

One single slice at a time! If expensive and inconvenient equals hip, and I think we all know it does, this toaster is one of the coolest things ever.


I dug up a blog post from last year, from Reed Stevenson at Bloomberg, about the toaster. Apparently Stevenson could find it for $270 back then. Anyway, their post had this nugget:

“We wanted to focus on the single slice, and treat it with respect,” said Akihiro Iwahara, who is in charge of technical development at Mitsubishi Electric’s home-appliances division. “Our technology and know-how with rice cookers helped us come up with a way to trap and seal moisture.”

It’s almost like Mr. Iwahara speaks in taglines, but they’re kind of working on me. Between “treating slices with respect” and that video, I want one of these toasters. Sorry, “bread oven,” really.

There were jokes being thrown around our Montero group about installing this in one of our rigs. The aesthetic certainly matches. I don’t think it’d be a great idea to try and suck 930 watts out of an automotive power inverter, though.


As a huge fan of breakfast, I’m tempted to install one of these in my kitchen. I don’t get paid for this plug but if you actually do want to cop a TO-ST1-T Amazon lists it for $373.17 and free shipping as of this writing.

Hat tip to Jamie!

Jalopnik Staffer from 2013 to 2020, now Editor-In-Chief at Car Bibles

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I've expected for a while to see Mitsubishi and Toast in the same headline.