One silver Eunos Roadster (JDM MX-5) is closely following a friend's red Miata on North Carolina's famous Deal's Gap. They don't know a 53' Semi is about to block their lane. The ensuing crash is a lesson in tailgating.

The red Miata has just enough time to stop, but the tailgating silver Eunos has no space and plows into the red Mazda's rear. No one appears to have been injured, least of all the super-strong GoPro, which catches the whole thing.


Reddit uploader DrSchmoll points out that nothing over 30 feet is allowed on the twisty road, and the truck has a great deal of responsibility for the crash. In fact, the first biker you see following the truck had been run off the road earlier and was following the truck to pull him over at a safe point. The police later heavily ticketed the trucker.

Regardless of who was legally at fault, it's not advisable to follow so close to the car ahead, especially when visibility is so limited on roads like Deal's Gap.

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