Meet The New Karma, More Or Less The Same As The Old Karma

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We’re not thrown by the camouflaging. Ain’t no amount of stripey paint can hide the low-slung stance and wide body of the new Karma. There is no mistaking those thin tail lights.

You’ll remember the Karma from the Fisker Karma, a company that tanked, got sold and then confusingly took the name of its model. The car itself was both wonderful and bad.


A new Fisker is set to arrive next year, but we didn’t know what form it would take. Furthermore, Kip Ewing, one of the top guys responsible for the Ford GT, went to Karma to help rebuild the company. That was pretty cool. Can he bring some of the same engineering wizardry to the Karma? Only time will tell.


Because! We don’t yet know what powers the Karma. It could keep the hybrid setup that the old car had. Or it could have an all-’Murican V8 dropped into it. Hell, why doesn’t somebody stick a V10 in the thing.

If you couldn’t already tell, I loved the Fisker Karma. I loved the looks and I even kind of loved how bad it was. And I was beyond thrilled when it was given a second chance at life. This is the first piece of physical proof we’ve seen of the new car, and that’s just plain exciting.


(H/t to John Neal!)