McLaren Brings Two GTRs, A Long Tail And General Mayhem To Geneva

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Unless I've been misinformed, McLaren's Geneva stand will have the P1 GTR, an F1 GTR in matching colors and the new 675 Long Tail. If they also have coffee, they just won the show in my book.


This year's Geneva Motor Show will be particularly interesting as far as fast cars go.

Audi will present the new R8, Ferrari the turbocharged 488 GTB, Porsche the GT3 RS, Morgan a new Aero, Aston Martin the track-only Vulcan, Lamborghini possibly the Aventador SV while Christian von Koenigsegg promises to bring us the most powerful production car ever.


Also, Glickenhaus SCG003C!!!

McLaren throws at least 2,275 horsepower into the soup with the P1 GTR, an F1 GTR from its Heritage Collection and the 675 LT.

Don't worry, I'll tell them to skip the music next time...