Mazda RX-7 Chases Cat Up Tree, Ends Up On Ass

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While we've no idea if this RX-7 was really pretending it was a firefighter, we're pretty sure it's yet another example of what happens when folks get (what's been claimed to be) a brand new whip and decide to see how their new hotness will perform on-road. Or, as it would seem is the case here, the middle of suburbia. We'll let a.D over at ThirdEyeConcept take over the story-telling from here:

"An out-of-control driver parked his red sports car halfway up a tree Sunday evening...neighbors said the driver of the Mazda RX-7 bought the car the same day...witnesses said the driver was speeding in excess of 70 mph down Woodland Way around 8 p.m. when he lost control on a show a slight berm, which may have helped launch the car nine feet up the tree. The car came to rest in a nearly vertical position against the tree. Incredibly, the driver had only minor injuries."

Although we've yet to find anyone who's ever bought a car on a Sunday in the U.S., we're willing to take the rest of the story at face value for the time being — unless anyone else out there's got anything else to add. [Hat tip to Peter!]

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