Ex-Smith Barney CEO Robert Greenhill Revealed As Owner Of Busted Porsche Carrera GT

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It turns out the story about that Carrera GT crash in New York City we posted on earlier this week was based on a bit of faulty intelligence. But fear not hoonage fans — the New York Post, that paragon of providing all the news that's fit to print in big and bold letters — got the real story, and you know — it's not really as good as the one we initially got from our friends at Autoblog, which they've since retracted. It turns out that the Porsche belonged to former Smith Barney CEO Robert Greenhill and he's unfortunately, not getting it back the next day as was previously reported. Also, there was no party involved beforehand. So what did AB's source tell them that was factual? Well...


...it turns out the only thing the same between the story as initially reported and the story the Post ran was the fact the driver broke his foot. Autoblog's got a good summary of the story of how to crash a $440,000 car — or you can head over to the Post for all of the less-than-salacious, but large-in-typeface details.

FROM 440G TO A WRECK IN 1 SEC [NY Post via Autoblog]


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Sadly, in its present condition, that car is still worth more than mine...both of them...and my wife's...and my house.