Max Mosley Threatens FIA Will Go To Crap If He's Ousted, Officially Channeling Nixon

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We'd rather not devote time to Max Mosley and his ongoing attempts to screw up racing like he's screwed up his life, but the story keeps getting crazier and crazier. After being asked to avoid F1 events and, basically, being benched for Monaco, Mosley has issued a letter stating that FIA will be ruined and Formula One destroyed if he's voted out in the big "vote of no confidence" meeting this June. This is basically the Nixon approach. The nation will be ruined and the media, who are blowing everything out of proportion for political reasons, will win. Snippets from the crazy letter discovered by below.


Just as a little background, Bernie Ecclestone is the commercial rights holder to Formula One and he's been trying to get more control of the sport from FIA. Obviously, FIA wants to be able to maintain some control of the sport. But we think it's maybe taking it a bit far to say that Mosley is the only person that can stop Ecclestone, that he actually cares to stop Ecclestone or that Ecclestone can be stopped at all. And now, for your Nixon-speak:

"Anyone could stand and there would be no list to stabilise the process and ensure that each candidate had the support of a real cross-section of FIA member clubs. During the two to four month election period, the complex negotiations (with Ecclestone/CVC) ....would necessarily slow or even cease. A new president would then take over with no knowledge of the background and, worse, might perhaps have been elected with the support of the very people with whom we are negotiating."

"I have been determined to fight for the rights and role of the FIA in F1 and it is possibly for this reason that the media have been encouraged by those who have an interest in undermining my Presidency."

"I believe, therefore, that whatever the Extraordinary General Assembly decides, it should not reward those who have deliberately set out to destabilise the FIA at such a crucial time in its history."

He then reveals that if he is given the boot, he'll stick around until the end of his term in October 2009!

"This will give me the time I need to progress the current negotiations to the point where proposals safeguarding the fundamental interests of the FIA can be submitted to the WMSC (World Motor Sport Council) and the General Assembly."

"It will also give me time to pursue the legal proceedings I have started against those who have caused so much unnecessary trouble and embarrassment. Above all, it will allow a smooth and orderly transition to a new presidency satisfactory to the membership as a whole."

Just 17 more months of strange behavior to go.

"I have earned every cent. And in all of my years of public life I have never obstructed justice. People have got to know whether or not their President is a crook. Well, I'm not a crook. I've earned everything I've got."


Actually, that last one may not be Mosley.

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"I've earned everything I've got"

How true a statement is this ?!

The Euro-Heston has spoken ... and apparently he hast been a verrry naughty little prisoner.