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Remember how that small group of F1 participants (just drivers, staff, team bosses and sponsors) were developing an elaborate system to avoid Max Mosley at Monaco? They were going to hire spies and scouts to follow his movements and make sure that when Mosley tried to find someone they'd have it so someone would say they had just left the place that someone else had said they had just been before. Basically, the Monaco Grand Prix was going to turn into one long Abbot & Costello routine. But then the FIA decided to strip Mosley of his official title, for the event, instead putting Mosley's Deputy in charge.


Mosley will still probably attend the actual race at Moncao, but in no official capacity. In fact, the Monaco Royal Family has pretty much made clear that they're happy with the idea of old Max keeping his distance from parties, paddocks and especially princes. This effectively means that Mosley won't be acting as the head of the FIA, though he still doesn't seem to be poised to resign. We guess that it's the whole stiff upper lip (and whatever else) thing going on. (h/t PhkMark) [F1 Live]

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