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While the Traction Avant may have been the epitome of the 1930s French getaway car, the gangsters' bosses would no doubt not be seen in anything so pedestrian. Which, of course, is why they would've driven an Avoins Voisin. Gabriel Voisin created what are simply some of the most spectactularly sinister-looking cars of the golden age of coachbuilding. A black '68 Charger with a gas tank full of PCP would shrink from the imposing presence of such a machine. They are literally that badass.

If Charles de Gaulle had been riding in a Voisin nobody ever would've attempted to assassinate him, as they would be too afraid the car itself would shoot them before they could get a bead on their target. If the French had thought to simply line up Voisins along the German border, the Wehrmacht would've shat themselves and run home to Mutti before they had the presence of mind to bulldoze their way through the Ardennes. Instead, they built that dorky Maginot Line thing. And well, you know the rest.

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