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We were just IM'ing with commenter Punkey β€” whose true identity shall be revealed tomorrow, er later today β€” when he busted out with the best line we've heard from anyone all day besides "You're an asshole." We were debating the relative merits and demerits of the 2CV vs. the Beetle when the topic of Bruce entered the argument and he dropped this gem: "The French haven't even heard of Bruce. He's not even in their MySpace extended network."

Regardless of Bruce's shameless absentee parenting, the French penchant for difference at all costs led the Citro n Traction Avant to be the first front-wheel-drive mass-market unibody car. Featuring a front-midship engine location and a bling-ass chevron on the grille that puts the crest on the current 'Slade's manhood to shame, it was a favorite of French criminals, German occupational forces and gendarmes alike.

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