Look At This BMW Asshole's Staggering Road Rage In Austin

If you’re doing anything that can be categorized as “road rage,” it’s a pretty safe bet that you’re at least struggling with assholeism. This guy in Austin, Texas, though, appears to be so overtaken by chronic assholeism that he’s committed one of the stupidest road rage acts I’ve ever seen.


Here, you pretty much just have to watch this:

Here’s what’s going on there: the asshole in the BMW rear-ends the Audi in front of him. It wasn’t a big deal, so the Audi driver kept going until she was rear-ended again about four blocks later, at the intersection of Fourth Street and Guadalupe Street.


Not surprisingly, the Audi driver stops the car and approached the BMW. Fox 7 spoke to the Audi driver, and this appears to have been the exchange:

“He admitted that he rear-ended me but he was just like, ‘Whatever, sorry, no big deal.’ I said, ‘No, it is a big deal. It’s not okay,” says woman who was rear-ended.

That’s when the BMW asshole must have injected himself with weaponized assholium and really pushed the limits of assholedom. He began honking, nonstop, yelling for the woman to move her car, and then attempting to push the Audi with his BMW, resulting in the pathetically hilarious scene of the BMW’s rear wheels spinning fecklessly against the pavement.

The driver may very well have been intoxicated in some way. A witness who engaged with the driver stated:

“It was very clear that he was amped up on something, his eyes were bloodshot red. He’s just pretty oblivious to the whole situation. He’s looking at me, right in my eyes and I’m like dude, seriously? So it was very clear he was just not there. He was definitely under the influence of something.”


The good news is Austin police report the driver has been arrested, and at the very least will face charges of leaving the scene of an collision. There has to be some sort of anti-asshole law this guy can be charged with too, right?

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I bet he didn’t even signal when he rear ended the Audi.