This Is The Most Disastrous Attempt At Road Rage I've Ever Seen

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Sometimes we are drivers in cars, but we are always passengers in life. This means that we should always keep an eye out for anything and everything that might happen, including botched attempts at road rage. Wait, scratch that; especially for botched attempts at road rage.

In a video uploaded to Facebook yesterday, we can hear the woman recording, seated a safe distance away in her car, narrating the scene that has unfolded before her.

Take a look.

Some tussle led the BMW driver to exit his vehicle and approach the Ford SUV driver. Words were exchanged, I’m assuming, and then the BMW driver spat at the Ford driver!


Oh, girl. When you spit at someone, you best be ready for the consequences, as that’s one of the lowest things you can humanly do to another person.

The Ford driver wanted revenge (because, clearly, who wouldn’t), but 100 percent misjudged his actions. His road rage backfired magnificently and turned the whole situation into a perfect storm of disaster.


I have never seen anything like this. Everything is terrible.

(h/t to Cory!)