Look At These Sexy Porsches Through The Eyes Of A Drone

This is the trailer for RampTV, the upcoming online video mag of Ramp, Germany's award-winning ‘Vogue of car magazines.' It has drones. We're excited.

Why are we seeing drones flying through the Porsche museum? It's because drone fanatic Christopher Kippenberger is the executive producer of RampTV. You know him from his drone's eye view of the Nürburgring and from "Kart Kids", where a nine-year-old karter explains how grip works.


Drones give us every impression that they're the future of sports photography, getting lower and closer than helicopters (as they did for the impossibly-cool Monte Carlo Rally) and for much cheaper.

Some cities freak out about drones with concerns about terrorism, points out Fast Co Create, but we couldn't be happier to see more drones shooting cars.

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