A Nine-Year-Old Karter Explains How Grip Works

Say hello to Curtis. He's nine. He races karts in Germany and he is going to explain how grip works in "Kart Kids," the newest short from Kippenberger.


We can't get over the drone camerawork by friend of Jalopnik Christopher Kippenberger, but it's his subjects who steal the spotlight. After showing us some of his toy cars, Curtis gives his explanation.

When it's hot, the wheels melt a little bit, and if you go in the curve, it will be, like, a little softer and, like, sticks on the ground, and you have, like, then grip. It's easy.

What a little badass.


SnapUndersteer, Italian Spiderman

on the most basic of all levels, this is

1) so fucking cute

2) adorable

3) correct

4) hope-inspiring