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Local Mustang Decides to Attend a Movie

Illustration for article titled Local Mustang Decides to Attend a Movie
Image: KBTX

Ford Mustangs do a lot of things. They do decent 0-to-60 times. They do really fast 0-to-60 times. They drive in big circles. They screech down drag strips like supersonic prehistoric birds. They frighten onlookers at Cars and Coffee. They honor famous movies. And, sometimes, they even try to go to the movies.


Because, honestly, doesn’t everyone deserve some greasy popcorn that reaches room temperature faster than a Mustang reaches 60 mph from time to time?

A reader actually emailed in this story from my hometown, which I managed to miss because my Facebook algorithm has converted my timeline completely into cat photos from cat groups I’m in. It’s better that way. Bryan, Texas outlet KBTX reports that this Mustang thought it deserved a nice evening trip to the movies, and drove straight through the ticket counter in front of the theater.


That ticket counter hasn’t been used in a while, and KBTX reports that no one was inside when it happened. KBTX also reports that no one was hurt in the wreck, which, the driver told authorities, happened around 11 p.m. Wednesday when the car’s gas pedal got stuck under the floor mat. The car then jumped a curb, nearly flattened one of the poles there to help keep this from happening, and slammed through the glass around the ticket counter.

Click here to watch the video of the crash aftermath from the KBTX story, which won’t embed here for some reason.

Bryan Fire Department Lt. Matt Ford told KBTX that the theater hasn’t used the booth the Mustang crashed into in a year because of a scheduled remodel, and said the crash “may speed things up a little bit.”

Unfortunately for the Mustang, it doesn’t look like it’ll be speeding up anytime soon.

Staff writer, Jalopnik

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He thought it was a drive-in theater.