The 2018 Ford Mustang Cobra Jet Costs $130,000 and Is Loud As Hell

Image: David Tracy

There’s a new Ford Mustang Cobra Jet, now with 5.2 liters of engine in addition to its 3.0-liters of Whipple supercharger, powerful enough to send this thing down the quarter mile in the mid eights, as Ford declared this morning. It’s expensive, but it’s also exclusive.


Just 68 of these cars will be made, and sadly they are not street legal as they do not have a VIN. It would be a lot of work to produce a similar car yourself, what with ripping out the independent rear suspension and putting a live axle in there, getting the four-link with pan hard bars dialed along with new coilovers, stripping and caging the interior, and so on. Hell, you ever try to do a full-car vinyl? It’s work, man. Let Ford handle all that.

Our intrepid Jeeper David Tracy managed to make his way to the reveal of this thing and can confirm that it is stupendously loud.

This is more expensive than the last Cobra Jet, but it’s quicker than that car and has 200cc more displacement, so I begrudge not a single soul who ponies up for one of these, even if calling a Mustang a Cobra Jet is kind of like mixing your metaphors.


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