Jim Glickenhaus’ personal SCG 003C has gone a long way since finishing the Nürburgring 24 at 35th. Now, it’s time for you to get onboard.

After removing the stickers and the dirt of the race, the car went straight to Villa d’Este to show other prototypes what’s what. Since then, Scuderia Cameron Glickenhaus took her to various other events, the latest being the Goodwood Festival of Speed.

I had a chat with Jim Glickenhaus at the paddock, who made it clear that the car won’t try to break any records during its demonstration runs. The Goodwood hillclimb course is not the Nürburgring, the tires can’t be warmed up properly before the runs and a tiny mistake is enough to ruin the whole weekend. It’s just not worth the risk for most, although if somebody wants to chaise Nick Heidfeld’s (unofficially already broken) 1999 record, Sunday at four in the afternoon is the time to do it.


The road-going SCG 003 will come with a different engine of course, but for now, listen to Macchinauno’s twin-turbo V6 Honda do what a good GT3-spec engine should:

I hear Batman already ordered three.

Photo credit: Robert Stokes/Jalopnik


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