We all know Donald Trump’s trademark staccato, combative tweet-style now, and there’s a certain odd, lean poetic quality about them- like a Haiku spit out by a very irritated mule scrotum. If, hypothetically, Trump was really into cars, I think we might see tweets like these.

This is just for fun, so hear me out. No one’s telling you who to vote for, we’re just going to play a little game: can you identify the cars being discussed in these Trump-style tweets?

Keep in mind, I’m not pretending to have any idea if Donald Trump likes any of these cars, and I’d bet money at least one or two he’s never even heard of. Most sound at least somewhat negative because it’s just more fun to write fake Trump tweets like that.

The car is never named in any of these tweets, so see if you can figure out what cars he’s tweeting about! Answer in the comments, and if you get stumped, here’s the answers.

Good luck!