One of our readers, Ryan, was wading through the mass of political mailers from this recent election when he actually found one worth looking at: the one mailer that had a bunch of interesting cars on it. Well, they’re toy cars, but still, in the realm of political mailers, you can’t be picky. Let’s see if we can ID them all!

This particular mailer was for a California ballot initiative, Measure B. It looks like that was a sales tax measure for the area around San Jose, where at least some of the proceeds would go to help repair roads.


Don’t confuse this with the Measure B from 2012, which sought to require the use of condoms in pornography. Big difference.

Anyway, Measure B seems to have passed, and I wonder how much of that success may be attributed to this really fantastic collection of cars used in this mailer. They seem to be mostly toy cars (I actually have the yellow Baja Beetle toy, #9, somewhere in my kid’s big bin of cars) but that’s still fun.

I’ll get you started. In addition to the #9 Baja Beetle, there’s a Lancia Stratos at #11. And I think a Renault Clio is #6, right above it.


Okay, the rest I leave to you kooks, as a nice little non-work way you can ramp up into this Monday while still looking like you’re working. Enjoy!

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