Let's Identify The Cars In This Groovy '60s Illustrated Cigarette Ad

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There was once a time, many decades ago, when cigarette smoking wasn’t just good for you, it was pretty much mandated by the government. To be a human was to set a tube of plants on fire by your face, and we all loved it.

We loved cars, too, so let’s take a peek at the intersection of these two loves and identify some hand-drawn cars from an old ad. Fun, right? I mean, what else are you doing this morning?


This ad is from a 1968 issue of Popular Mechanics, from the back cover. It’s a hand-drawn ad for Winston cigarettes, which, I’m told, taste good, like a cigarette should. I believe records of the day suggested that they tasted like a fresh Italian hoagie, if I’m reading things right.

The ad is roughly themed around gentlemen, their adoring ladies, and the sports cars they all went out to drive. Perhaps there was actual competition, perhaps just a weekend jaunt with friends. It’s not clear. All that is clear is that both car and driver were pumping out copious amounts of smoke from their exhaust-tubes.

In the ad we see a total of four cars. They’re drawn loosely enough that identification is a bit tricky, but I don’t think it’s really tough. Still, let’s have some fun. I’ll tag each car with a number, and we’ll use that to identify the cars.


Sound good? Have at it. Answers are here, if you consider what I came up with as “answers.”