Illustration for article titled LeMons Winner And Cheating Expert Rob Krider To Bring You Goin For Broken Action This Weekend

His team won the 24 Hours Of LeMons SF '08, he bashed a Cordoba to glory, and he knows a few things about Integra cheats. Now he's helping cover the Reno LeMons race for us.


That's right, Rob Krider has signed on to help us sniff out cheaters- a job at which he excelled yesterday- and to help do live coverage of the Goin' For Broken 24 Hours Of LeMons this weekend. I'm just way too busy doling out punishments to on-track miscreants to do much of the live-coverage thing, so Rob will be taking the skills he learned writing for NASA and applying them to the fastest-growing motorsport in the world (really). Check in early and often for race updates!

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